Intermountain Railway Co.

Intermountain Railway Company


Intermountain Railway Co is based in Longmont, Colorado, U.S.A. and is a manufacturer of North American equipment from the 1920s to the present. Finely detailed, Model Train Rolling Stock, and Locomotives. Specialising in HO, N and Z scales, with literally hundreds of different models available, including an extensive line of kits, parts, accessories, and wheel sets.

Every Locomotive and ALL Rolling Stock are checked and tested before they leave Intermountain Railway Co. 

There are many different departments within Intermountain Railway Co.

  • Tool and Dye Department

  • Injection Department

  • Art Department

  • Customer Service and Administration

  • Inspection and Repair Department

  • Shipping Department

  • Management

As a group, Intermountain Railway Co. are striving for as much accuracy as possible in HO, and N scale Locomotives and Rolling Stock. Products are thoroughly researched using multiple books and reference materials. Photographs are examined for every detail. Tooling is cut on CNC machines and plastic is injected with every detail inspected. Many projects fail to be produced because they do not reach expectations. Intermountain Railway continue to look for new methods and materials (improving handrails and better sound systems). Their motto "Where Detail Makes The Difference" has been their goal and are very proud of the fact that  Intermountain Railway Co. has succeeded in a very competitive market!



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