Hobby Hunter Layout Images

Images of Warren's HO American based layout. He started building, 3 weeks before it was to be shown at the 2016 Te Awamutu Railroad Exhibition. The layout has progressed well, from only 3 scenic modules to this a year later. 

Intermountain Railway Co. Southern Pacific Cab Forward.Intermountain Southern Pacific Cab ForwardHobby Hunter LayoutModel railway water featureHobby Hunter Water Feature ModuleBurlington Northern Intermountain Railway Monteith's Brewing Company, not prototypical, but they do sell Monteith's in different states in the U.S.Hobby Hunter LayoutSigns of the different types of alcohol made at Monteith's.Monteiths Brewery A working oil rig.Burnt old shack - Hobby Hunter NZOld pickup - Hobby Hunter NZIn the woodsCampbell Scale Model KitHouse in the woods - Hobby Hunter NZ model railwayRoad GraderBob's Country Store.Bobs Country Store - Hobby Hunter NZ Model RailwayThe Farmers Yard.Farmers HouseBee Keepers checking their hives.Bee KeepersHomestead - Hobby Hunter NZ Model RailwayFarmer Joe busy in the yard.Farmer Joe busy in the yardTank on the side - Hobby Hunter NZ Model RailroadModel Railway LayoutTrain travelling through - Hobby Hunter Railroad ModellingThe townshipGatx Tank TrainGatx Tank TrainGatx Tank Train - Hobby Hunter NZ


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