HQ Line Science

Line Science

HQ Sportkites, contain only braided flight lines of high-quality fibres.

Dyneema (Spectra) lines

The extremely thin, light-weight fibres with very little stretch, make Dyneema the ideal lines for stunt kites. Dyneema fibres are much more tension resilient than steel. The minimum elongation of the material ensures maximum control of the kite, while the very small line cross-section minimises air resistance. The surface is very smooth, so will not block or "saw through" when turning in. The fibre is extemely resilient to abrasion, moisture, UV and chemicals.

Polyester Lines

The Polyester fibres are more cost-efficient than Dyneema. For HQ beginners, stunt kites in the entrance price ranges, refined, braided polyester lines are used. The natural elasticity of the fibres is drastically reduced by the pre-stretching of the lines. Polyester fibres also permit a small line cross-section with a reduced air resistance. The remaining extension after stretching deflects wind gusts better than Dyneema does.

Twisted or braided lines?

HQ Sportkites, are equipped with high-quality closely braided line sets only to provide trouble-free handling.

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