Pre Order

Some of the products are pre order products, this will be clearly visible on the buy tab or for example on this COLLECTION PAGE .

This means that you can still add to cart, check out and pay for the item. If Paypal/credit card is used to purchase your payment will be taken immediately. Once confirmation of payment has been made, we will order your product from the company, arrange shipping and have it to you within 7-14 business days. Some Peco railway items will arrive within 3-5 business days.

If payment is made via bank deposit, the payment is manually checked. Please allow 2-3 business days for the funds to arrive into our account. Once confirmed we will send an email letting you know the order has been processed.

Most products will arrive well within this time frame but we have allowed extra just in case. You will also be advised through the tracking number of the process as each step is completed.

For any queries please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below.

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