EMD F7 & F7B - HO Intermountain #49082S EMD F7A Penn (DCC Sound)

Intermountain HO #49082S EMD F7A Penn (DCC Sound)

Intermountain Railway Co.

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Intermountain Railway #49082S HO Sound EMD F7A Penn Central.

HO models are factory ready to run and are equipped with an ESU® LokSound® Select Sound decoder.

The F7 proved to be Electro-Motive's most successful designs. The F7 debuted directly after the F3 in the late 1940s and with EMD's success in the market up to that point railroads quickly placed orders for the F7. The F7 proved so reliable and useful for many roads that hundreds remained in regular freight service through the 1970s and 1980s. The most famous set (a pair of Bs) is the fleet owned by Class I Norfolk Southern used as part of its official business train.

Features: Sharp Painting and Lettering, Multiple Road Numbers, Wire Grab Irons and etched Metal Details.

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